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Mathematical Terms

Date: 24 Mar 2013

List of Mathematical Terms used in theory of computation

Alphabet - A finite set of objects
Argument - An input to a function

Binary relation - A relation with domain as set of pairs
Boolean operation - Operation on bolean values
Boolean value - TRUE or FALSE (1 or 0)

Cartesian product - An operation on sets forming a set of all tuples of elements from respective sets
Complement - An operation on a set, forming the set of all non-existent elements
Concatenation - Joining of strings of one set with that of another
Conjunction - Boolean AND operation
Connected graph - A graph with paths that connect every two nodes
Cycle - A path that starts and ends in the same node

Directed graph - A collection of points and arrows that connect some pairs of points
Disjunction - Boolean OR operation
Domain - Set of possible inputs to a function

Edge - A line in a graph
Element - An object in a set
Empty set - Set without any member
Empty string - Zero length string
Equivalence relation - A binary relation that is reflective, symmetric and transitive

Function - An operation that converts inputs into outputs
Graph - A collection of points and lines that connect some pairs of points

Intersection - An operation on sets to form a set of common elements
k-tuple - A list of k objects
Language - Set of strings
Member - An element in a set
Node - A point in a graph

Pair - A list of two elements
Path - Sequence of nodes in a graph connected by edges
Predicate - A function whose range is {TRUE, FALSE}
Property - A predicate
Range - The set from which outputs of a function are drawn
Relation - A predicate, most typically when the domain is a set of k-tuples

Sequence - List of objects
Set - Group of objects
Simple path - A path without repetition
String - List of symbols representing alphabets
Symbol - An alphabet

Tree - A connected graph without simple cycles
2-Tuple - List of two elements

Union - An operation on sets to combine the elements into a single set
Vertex - A point in a graph

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