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Applications of Microprocessor

Date: 5 Jan 2013

The wide range of application area of the microprocessor can be broadly classified into two groups: general purpose application and special purpose application.

1. General purpose application

i) Single board micro computers

Single board microcomputers are simple and cheaper. They have the minimum possible software and hardware configuration. They are used to train the students. They are also used to build small computer based systems.

ii) Personal Computers

The home computer made up of a 8 bit microprocessor are used for playing video games and learning simple programs. The 16 bit computers are used for word processing, payroll, business accounts, etc.

iii) Super Minis and CAD

32 bit processors are used to build powerful microcomputers. Their performance is better than mainframe and mini-computers. These systems are used in Engineering side as computer aided design machines.

2. Special purpose application.

i) Instrumentation

The microprocessor based instrument can be made intelligent using feature programmability. Microprocessors can be used as controllers in various instruments. They are also used in medical instruments to measure blood pressure and temperature.

ii) Control

Microprocessor controllers are now available in home appliances such as microwave oven, washing machine. In industry, microprocessors are used in controlling various process parameters such as speed, temperature, moisture and pressure.

iii) Communication

In the telephone industry, microprocessors are used in digital telephone sets, telephone exchanges and modems. They are also used in railway reservation system at the national level and air reservation system at international level. Satellite communication systems, mobile phones and televisions are also using microprocessors.

iv) Office Automation and Publication

With the availability of inexpensive and user friendly microcomputers along with wide range of software packages, office works are computerized. Microcomputers are used in office to perform word processing, spreadsheet operations, storage and retrieval of huge information. In publishing houses microprocessor based systems are used for making automatic photo copies. Microprocessor based LASER printers are used to achieve good speed in printing.

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