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D Flip-flop

Date: 27 Apr 2015

D flip-flop means data flip-flop. It is also called delay flip-flop.

D flip-flop

Figure(a): Graphic symbol of D flip-flop

Figure(a) shows the graphic symbol of D flip-flop. It has two inputs: normal input D and a clock input.

It has two outputs say Q and its complement Q’. D flip-flop assumes the state of input D. If D(t) is 1 then Q(t+1) is also 1. Similarly if D(t) is 0 then Q(t+1) is also 0.

D flip-flop is a modified version of SR flip-flop. It can be obtained by inserting an inverter
between the inputs S and R and then assigning the symbol D to the single input.

D flip-flop introduces a unit delay in the signal input at D, hence the term delay flip-flop. It stores the data on the D input line.

Characteristic table

Q(t) D Q(t+1)
0 0 0
0 1 1
1 0 0
1 1 1

Figure: Characteristic table